Preparations Before Home Inspection

For the best and most accurate results of inspection service, we expect you to make sure,

    • While performing a house inspection, the utilities (gas, electric, and water) must be switched on.
    • Access to the property must be arranged, whether by the agency or the seller.
    • All pets must be in a secure place or taken away (if any) from the property during the inspection.

What Happens When The Inspection Finds Items "In Need Of Repair"?

An inspection contingency is common in contracts. If any property defects are found, this clause enables the buyer to withdraw from the contract. If you still wish to buy the house, you might ask the seller to fix the problems. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Make the repairs at the seller’s expense.
  • Lower the purchase price by the estimated cost of fixing the defects.
  • The sellers should modify the closing statement to include an allowance covering the repair cost.

Buying (New Or Used)

A new property is a significant financial investment. Whether you are buying a new or old house, you want to know that there are no hidden defects that may result in extra expenses. Acquiring a home inspection service before “closing” is an excellent way to help figure out the state of the home and provide additional assurance. Although they cannot estimate future performance, home inspections can help you identify any current issue areas. Perfect does not equate to “new.” Before moving in, having a home inspected can help to avoid issues. The majority of new homes have a one-year warranty. Many older houses also come with a “HOW” that the seller provides for a year. Having the home inspected is a good idea for one to two months before these warranties expire. The inspection frequently reveals issues that are addressed by contracts, enabling the owners to get these problems fixed for little or nothing.


Most sellers believe that only purchasers acquire house inspection services. Smart sellers are aware of the truth. You can find potential issues and save thousands of dollars in buyer negotiations by getting a house inspection before selling it. You could also fix the problems and improve the appeal of your house to shorten the time it is on the market.