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Preparations Before Home Inspection

For the best and most accurate results of inspection service, we expect you to make sure,

  • While performing a house inspection, the utilities (gas, electric, and water) must be switched on.
  • Access to the property must be arranged, whether by the agency or the seller.
  • All pets must be in a secure place or taken away (if any) from the property during the inspection.

Buyer (New or Used)

The purchase of a new home is a major investment. Whether new construction or an existing home.

Pre Listing

Most sellers assume home inspections are done only by buyers. Savy sellers know differently.

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A complete, objective visual inspection of a property’s systems and physical structure, from the roof to the foundation, comprises a home inspection. As professionals, we expect a few questions our clients usually come up with.

We never inspect destructively, always leave things as we find them, and never wear shoes inside. The usual inspection takes three hours to conduct, including collecting the findings. A home inspection consists of a visual assessment of the systems and parts of the property as they are at the time of the inspection.

Even the most intelligent homeowner cannot compare to a professional home inspector who has inspected thousands of homes over his career in terms of knowledge and experience. Our inspectors know many components used in house building and how to install and maintain them. Getting a home inspection expert’s honest, third-party view is the best option for the most accurate findings.

You are not obligated to be present for the inspection. However, it is recommended. As you learn about the property’s condition, how its systems function, and how to maintain it, you will be able to see the inspector in operation and directly ask questions. If you have personally viewed the property via the inspector’s eyes, you will find the written report simple to understand.

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You are welcome to call for a free quotation over the phone, and we look forward to inspecting your business. Prices vary depending on the size of your property.


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Need a real estate inspector. Great service, Highly recommended

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